I believe in faith, hope, and the power of homemade lemon pudding.

This blog was started before I moved abroad to teach ESL. I taught for one year in South Korea and three years in China. Presently, I live in Germany where I am pursuing a Master’s degree in English literature. I plan to continue posting from time to time, mainly stories from my time in China; which I didn’t have time or the internet speed to post while I was there (that great firewall is no joke).

I spent my childhood in the Pacific Northwest and my early-twenties doing the barista thing in Seattle.

I love the smell of rain, coffee houses, and used bookstores.

This blog contains stories from my life.




If you have a question, you can email me at tasha.dezarae.swinney@gmail.com

film photography




3 thoughts on “About

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  2. Oh, you shoot film? Found any Digital cameras that fit that feel? I found the fujifilm to do that for me, it has the design of a film body and it’s images have the film quality to them.

    • I shoot mostly film, yeah.. the link is below but I have not updated in a long time. I’ve considered getting one of the Fuji X series cameras, I like them a lot. But photography is just a hobby and right now it hasn’t been in the budget. All the pictures on this blog were taken with my ipod, if you can believe it.

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