10 Reasons Why Living in Rural China Feels Like 1896

1.) A saturday trip into the city is FREAKING exciting. Tall buildings? Real coffee? Yes. 

2.) You don’t think twice about the fact that you just got all your most recent gossip and advice from the weekly knitting circle which ended before 9PM because damn, we get tired…

3.) The highlight of your day MIGHT have been the fact that you saw a snake crossing the reservoir AND a two-toned butterfly. What else happened today? No idea. 

4.) There is absolutely no pressure to go out on weekends because there is nowhere to go. Hot chocolate and a book? Don’t mind if I do… 

5.) Instead of calling or texting each other, friends just walk up to your door and knock. In some cases, they just walk in like this is Leave It to Beaver. (NOTE: I don’t do this to people and I don’t love it when they do it to me).

6.) If you and your lover have a date, you’ll probably end up sitting on a bench along the lake, your head resting on his shoulder and his arms around you. There’s really nothing much else to do. If some romantic guy rigged up a row boat to take his girl for a trip on the water I’m sure the campus would be talking about it for months to come… 

7.) Everything and everyone is SLOW here. You wanted your food? Sit back, you’re gonna have to wait for that. Paperwork? It won’t be done for a number of weeks. Having lunch with friends? You’ll probably be at it for a few hours.

8.) When your conversations do pass the Bechdel test it’s because you and your girlfriends are talking about either teaching or battling nature.

9.) Boil your water or suffer the consequences.

10.) A bicycle is the main form of transportation… while holding on to your child, while gripping your parasol.


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