Home Made Cream Cheese (in Korea)




I posted a picture on Instagram this week of some cream cheese I made at my house and there were a few curious people who wanted to know the recipe, especially since I altered it because I live in Korea. So, I’m going to tell you as best as I can.

If I had known that so many people would want to know the details, of course I would have taken better pictures and paid more attention to my alterations. But I wasn’t even sure if the cheese would turn out. I have had bad luck with yogurt in the past.

You can find a link to the original recipe here.

Here’s how I altered it, ect.

1 cup whole milk (the kind with the red cap here in Korea)
2 cups “fresh cream” (seen in the picture, I think this is whipping cream, the thing between half & half and heavy whipping cream, but I can’t be sure)
2 tbsp butter (I might have used three, I’m not sure since I just sliced some off. I wanted to make up for the fact that I was sure my “fresh cream” wasn’t heavy whipping cream and I wanted the cheese to have the right consistency)
1/2 tsp salt

I mixed these together on a low heat until it began to froth and boil and then immediately I brought it down to a gentle simmer.

Then, I stirred in…..

1 1/2 tbsp apple cider vinegar (the recipe wanted white vinegar, I used what I had. And truthfully, I used 2 full tbsp but my cheese is rather sharp or vinegar-y, so I think a little less would be better)

Then I continued to let it simmer and waited for the cream mixture to separate and for curds to float to the top.

I waited. And waited.

And waited.

I checked facebook. I checked instagram. I stirred the mixture. I found one or two curds and got hopeful, but mostly the cream mixture was just shrinking in size. I probably simmered that baby for 25-40 minutes. I never got any separation. BUT every 5 minutes or so, I would dip a spoon in and taste a little on my finger.

It tasted like hot, melted cream cheese. A little more sour than what I am used to, but still very much like cream cheese.

So, I lined a metal strainer with a cut-out piece of an old cotton t-shirt and I poured the cream mixture into that and set it over a pot to drain out the whey. At this point, it was like really thick milk, Maybe like melted ice cream. Or fondue. I had boiled it so long that it was about 2/3 or close to half of the original volume.

I didn’t expect my cream cheese to work out.

But when I took it out of the fridge this morning, much of the whey had drained and I had a beautiful, white, milky cream cheese! LIKE MAGIC!





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