Mallipo Beach in Chungcheongnam-do (만리포해수욕장)


I live in the Chungcheongnam-do province of South Korea, which means that I’m closer to the West Sea than I am to the East Sea. After I’d been in South Korea for about six-weeks, I really needed to see me some large body of water (I’m from Seattle), so on a public holiday, my friend and I took a trip to Mallipo Beach.

From my city (Cheonan), I think the trip took somewhere around 3 hours, but I can’t be sure. To be honest, we were not expecting it to take that long but it ended up worth it for the beautiful sunset.

There were a lot of little seafood shops along the waterfront, grilled eel and grilled king prawn and such. There was however only one coffee shop (if you’re anything like me you need to know this). The sand was beautiful and it wasn’t overcrowded at all, though we did go in October, so it might not have been peak season. Mallipo is one of the “Eight Scenic Views of Taean” (I bet you wanted to know that) and it’s part of the Taean Coast National Marine Park (태안해안국립공원).

There’s a pine grove at Mallipo that you can camp in, but if you’re not into camping, there’s also plenty of hotels and such. Mallipo isn’t the only beautiful beach in Taean, so if you head out there, I suggest you do it for a weekend trip.

To get to Mallipo Beach, take the bus to Taean and from that bus terminal, board the express bus to Mallipo. It will be obvious when you arrive at the beach. The Mallipo bus stop is, however quite small and when we were buying tickets to return home, our return bus actually started pulling out of the parking lot FIVE MINUTES EARLY. We literally had to chase the bus. Luckily it stopped when I jumped in front of it. Anyways, HAVE FUN!








2 thoughts on “Mallipo Beach in Chungcheongnam-do (만리포해수욕장)

    • Hey, Paul. I’m pretty sure that the camping at Mallipo is something you must pay for, and is also first come first serve. But I think it’s rather cheap.

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