Korea Vignettes #3: Waiting for Fall

The air is finally starting to carry a bit of a bite to it. What I mean by that, of course, is that the humidity is lower and the thermostat has dropped below 64 degrees.  Tonight, was still warm enough for me to sit outside my apartment on the street, eating an impulsively-purchased chocolate ice cream bar at 9PM this evening, but at midnight when I walked home from the coffeehouse, it was cool enough for my mind to drift to the possibility of tights sometime later this week. It’s a possibility, at least.

I’ve been thinking about fall since I got here. Mostly I guess because Seattle turns toward fall in September. It’s almost October here, and the leaves are still green. Time is confusing in another country because I don’t have any of the usual markers to help me figure out if the season change is late in coming, or if I’m just being impatient. Winter is coming, people keep telling me.  Yes, that’s what I hear, I reply. Meanwhile, I make up quick lessons about Korea’s Four Seasons, and I wait for my beloved autumn to arrive when I will carry home yellow gingko leaves, shimmering in their transient beauty.

Tomorrow will mark week number five here in Korea. I have more energy now than I did when I first got here, and that’s remarkable considering the fact that I taught seven classes today. But the seven classes thing is temporary, I’ll go back to six classes when the new teacher comes this weekend. And I’ll blog more on that, later.



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