Tokyo Day 1

Hello, so yesterday was my first full day in Tokyo. Ai chan and I moved my stuff from my old hostel to my new hostel (this was all in the plan as the new hostel, Toco, is superior in every way to my old hostel but it was all booked for my first night in Tokyo). Anyways after that Ai took me to an AMAZING coffeehouse in the area. It is called Bridge and they work with the same espresso machine that I worked on back in Seattle. (That’s a really good sign). Anyways we stayed there for what felt like hours while I talked Ai chan’s ear off about boys. I’m sure she was exhausted because after that she suggested we get lunch.

Lunch was good! And it was the first time I’ve been in a traditional style Japanese eatery where you sit on the floor and grill your food. We had yakisoba. I hope I didn’t unwittingly embarrass myself. You never know with these things.

The rest of the day included walking around Asakusa, a part of Tokyo famous for a big temple and giant pagoda. We also visited Tokyo Sky Tree and did a looooottt of visiting the adorable shops you can only find in Japan. To be honest, I was exhausted by the end and at one point while trying to figure out our next destination, I convinced Ai that we should hop on the nearest train because it looked AMAZINGLY cool inside and had nice plush seats (we had been walking around a busy area desperately looking for a place that was 1.) Quiet 2.) Air-conditioned and 3.) Quiet; the train met all criteria perfectly). Well, we rode the train until the end of the line, which was only to the next stop. Not wanting to go back out into the loud, hot, humid tourist district we had been exploring (did I mention that by this time every part of me was drenched in my own sweat from the humidity? Every. Part.), anyways, not wanting to go back out, I told Ai that we should walk across the platform and get back on the same train that was going back in the opposite direction because it too was plush and air conditioned and so much more like the Hogwarts express than anything else I’ve seen in Japan. So we did that and we giggled at our own cleverness until Ai translated what the announcer was saying and that he was coming by to check tickets, which we obviously didn’t have.

So, then we booked it and went for dessert which was amazing. I didn’t realize that Ai loves black sesame anything (Im sure I knew and just forgot), I love black sesame too so this means we’re going to be good dessert friends. (Note: this is really important).

After staying at the dessert place for quite some time, I told Ai that I was exhausted and so she gave me instructions to take the metro back to my neighborhood. On my own. I guess I had proved my this time that I am trustworthy to take the metro by myself. What a big moment. 🙂

Gaijin set free.

It was a wonderful and long and exhausting day with one of my dearest friends.







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