Good morning, Tokyo

Presently I’m sitting in a tatami room with three boys. We’ve all been here for about thirty minutes but nobody has said a word. Who can blame them? It’s not 8AM yet and Tokyo is already stifling. Plus, we have tea and eggs and big fluffy pieces of toast and jam. Who could talk with so much toast in the vicinity?

I know I can’t.

I got in to Tokyo yesterday at around 7PM. Immediately I discovered two things. The first was that my Aunt Flow had come to visit a whole week early. The second was that one of the wheels had been broken off my giant red suitcase. Cue images of me and Ai dragging my big red suitcase through the train and subway stations of Tokyo, up narrow concrete staircases and down dark alleyways.

But also, cue mental image of me standing in a Tokyo train station with one of my oldest and dearest friends. The second kind of overshadows the first, doesn’t it? And that’s kinda how I’ve always felt about travel difficulties. I’m always a bit too happy to be where I am then to care about the hassle it took me to get there.

The first picture below is of me at 6AM on the bottom bunk of my dorm in the hostel this morning. I had just woken up from my first night sleeping with 11 perfect strangers. It was a strange night but I made it through and I did so using my baby blanket as a pillow.

life is so surreal sometimes. ;




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